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Chinese New Year - Lunar Predictions

Happy Lunar New Year!

Here are the predictions for your zodiac sign! Do you have some luck coming your way - new house, big moves ahead - let me know!



During the Year of the Pig, Pigs will have some luck – it’s the luck of planning and preparation. This is the time to set your goals, the big goals. Your 10 year goals. Think about what you want down the road, work on putting together a strategy of how to achieve it. Take advantage of this time and this energy to generate the momentum you need to make it happen. This is a gift. Not everyone can say in a given year that they have the opportunity – and the time! – to truly reflect on their dreams with the resources in place to realise them. 

Three resolution stars can help Pigs this year overcome their challenges. Remember though that there is give and take. You can’t gain unless you help out. 

All Pigs are encouraged to be cautious this year. See a dentist and/or your doctor for a checkup in the next couple of weeks for bloodwork. Be safe and pay attention to your surroundings because it won’t matter how promising your plans are if you aren’t healthy enough to see them through. 

1947 Pigs could be very active this year, with a lot on the go. It’s important to manage your energy, stay healthy, and watch what you eat. 

1959 Pigs should be mindful of competitive adversaries at work. Don’t cut corners. Do not cheat. Keep everything on the up and up and focus on the details. Work at your own pace instead of rushing on someone else’s timetable. If your parents are no longer with you, plan a big 60th birthday celebration. Otherwise a low key celebration with friends and family is recommended. 

1983 Pigs may want to keep a low profile this year and remain humble. You don’t need to be front and centre. You don’t want to be a heatscore. Hang back, stay locked into your goals. 

There may be romantic challenges for Pigs during the Year of the Pig so to avoid conflict, show your appreciation. Try not to be so stubborn and compromise when you can. Sometimes pushing for a petty win can result in a major loss. Small provocations and overreactions can sacrifice a family. 

In April and May, be vigilant about your personal safety. 

In May and June, you should avoid conflict. Don’t fuel a fight. It could turn into a fire. Maximum the power of those resolution stars. 

In August and September, Pigs may want to focus on health – get more sleep, exercise, be good to your body and mind. 

In November and December, be careful driving and avoid high risk activities. There is an injury alert. 

Pigs may feel that this is an unpredictable year. There could be some highs and lows, finding balance is the key to future success. Side hustle gains look promising though so stay focused on those big

Typically, when it’s “your” year, it doesn’t mean that it’s the best year. Think of it like the sun in photographs. You don’t always get the best light when the sun is directly over you. Sometimes the best light happens when the light is coming at you from an angle.    



Dogs could have opportunity to meet new people this year, solidly increasing romantic prospects. It’s a good year for marriage and the best times for a wedding are June 6 – July 7 and December 7 – January 5, 2020. If you are a single Dog, this year is go time. Get out there and meet someone. If you are a coupled Dog, celebrate your anniversary. Honour your relationship. 

1946 Dogs are advised to take every opportunity possible to rest and stay healthy. 

1958 Dogs should be open to new friendships but be careful not to rush into decisions, don’t make hasty choices that become permanent. 

1970 Dogs may be helped by a benefactor who will elevate and promote you. But you must not take this person for granted. 

1982 Dogs are the luckiest of all Dogs this year but there will be a lot of temptation. Do not bring that drama into your life. 

1994 Dogs could see career advancement and success in their side hustles. Study more, learn new things, enroll in classes, dedicate yourself to improvement. It may pay off in future cycles.

What all Dogs should remember this year – and this is the most critical piece: learn how to say no. 

In February and March, there’s a swindle alert and legal issues might present themselves. You should not let your enthusiasm cloud your reason.

In April and May, be mindful of your money, especially among friends. Remember the part about “saying no”. This may come into play.

In June and July, you may want to control your impulses, particularly around food and drink. Take care of your body. This is not a time for excess. 

Learning how to say no means knowing your limits and it’s one way to find balance. Feng shui is all about balance. 


Roosters, because of their relentless pace, have some confidence issues. Which is why Roosters must be careful this year. It’s more important than ever to pay attention to the details. There’s a Chinese saying that roughly translates to “it’s only a step between heaven and hell” so keep your eyes open and stay focused. Don’t get so busy that you miss the right path. And if you do find yourself overwhelmed, remember your hobbies, old and new. You may find that you are more interested than ever in reading and or cooking. Spend time on these activities. They will relax and recharge you.  

1969 Roosters may encounter competition at work this year. Don’t run yourself down and watch for cuts. Spend time with family and friends on your birthday. 

1981 Roosters could be helped by benefactors. Do not refuse help. It may not be extended in the future if you turn it down. 

1993 Roosters are advised to be more humble and extra cautious. Reduce high risk activities, keep your eyes open, and stay alert.  

2005 Roosters may require additional parental supervision. There’s a wayward alert due to bad influences. 

Romance for all Roosters this year is a possibility. And it might happen when you least expect and when you’re not looking. 

Mental health must be a priority for Roosters because it’s going to be so busy. Reduce stress every chance you get and resist the urge to be alone. Don’t hide or lock yourself away. You may find that when you engage and share, solutions will present themselves. Change is afoot for the Rooster. It’s going to happen, there’s no avoiding it. Go where the change takes you. 

In February and March, see the doctor for a checkup and bloodwork.

In March and April, even though you want to do, you may not be able to help when asked. Because you don’t have luck to give away this year. Of course you want to be of assistance to others. But your true value this year might be not providing it yourself but connecting the person who needs it to someone else. 

In May and June, be mindful of injuries. When we get busy, we get careless. Carelessness can have serious consequences for Roosters, especially this year. 

For Roosters, this is not a year to be aggressive. Go time will happen but it’s just not now. Keep a low profile and this in mind: you are your own battery. Which, sure, can be scary. Because you can only depend on you. But also? It’s exciting. Because you can be your own boost. Think of this year as a charging year. You are generating your own power so that you can spend it when you’re ready. 


There are four stars protecting the Monkey this year and a young Monkey might see the beginning of career and financial advancement. But two dark stars will hover and they could bring on legal issues. Be mindful of this when you seek the spotlight. Monkeys want their shine this year, and freedom too. And Monkeys will have more than enough opportunities presented to them. Consider carefully the options that are right for you. Don’t force through what you think you want over and above what’s reasonable. Pushing for things will only make them more elusive. For Monkeys, it’s a good idea during the Year of the Pig if you are spiritual to reconnect with your faith. If you are not spiritual, taking time to clear your mind and meditating, spending time in community and volunteering will help too. The problems that have been vexing you should resolve.     

1956 Monkeys should prioritise health and avoid overextending themselves. 

1968 Monkeys may find they have a lot of extra energy this year and you’ll want to do it all. Mind your finances though. Don’t overspend. 

1992 Monkeys are advised to celebrate their birthdays. Doesn’t have to be a blowout, but have your family and friends around you, surround yourself with love and support. 

2004 Monkeys could experience a renewed interest in their studies but should be careful making friends. Spending time with the wrong people could derail your goals. 

Relationships could be volatile for Monkeys this year. There’s a fight risk. There may be a lot of tension. 

Minor legal skirmishes might affect your mental health. Try to reduce stress as much as possible – stay fit, hit the gym, rest, relax, take care of your body and your mind. 

Sometimes, in some years, ambition and luck don’t match up. This year though, for Monkeys, ambition is good. You can go for it but only after you assess all your options, think things through thoroughly. 
Ambition is one thing but you still have to be prepared. 

In February and March, look out for those new opportunities but do not rush and do not be greedy. 

In June and July, pay attention to the signals your body is sending you as small health matters might mean you’ll have to spend some money to take care of them. Kick back as much as you can. 

Fitness and spirituality are key to Monkey luck this year. Keep your body strong, be kind to your mind, and feed your soul. 


Three lucky stars are working against two dark stars this year for the Goat who may enjoy power, career and financial success but things might also move too quickly, happen too fast which could lead to the Goat losing focus. The Goat must stay on track this year and not get distracted. Because good luck can attract usurpers. There’s a backstabber alert. People will try to get close to you and you are advised not to trust too easily. Because people could be a problem for the Goat in the Year of the Pig. Some will frustrate you. Some will be jealous of you. So as you’re riding the upswing, try not to flash and flex too hard – attention will only make you a bigger target. The key is being humble. 

1943 Goats should be mindful of health and avoid getting mixed up in other people’s drama. 

1955 Goats could be presented with many new opportunities. It may be a good idea to teach. 

1967 Goats may see financial gains but there might also be pressure at work. Exercise often and find balance. 

1979 Goats could experience a competitive year. You are always up for the challenge but be cautious of petty people. And also look out for the health of your family members. Celebrate your birthday. Not a big party but make sure you observe it with family and or friends. 

Relationships and romance seem to be stable for all Goats this year but if you are dating, don’t let a third party ruin a developing situation. That doesn’t necessarily mean there’s infidelity involved either. It could also be mouthy people jamming themselves into your business. 

Female Goats should be mindful of their mental health. Northwest is a better direction for you this year. Head there for respite. Avoid Southwest and Northeast.

All Goats are advised to check their anger – don’t lose your temper and stay away from conflict. Conflict is a luck repeller. 

In May and June there’s the possibility of conflict with a business partner. Stay calm and avoid drama.

In June and July you should consider resting more. There’s a higher risk of cuts and injury. 

In November and December, a petty person might cause trouble. You’re doing well, so don’t give them their space. Otherwise they will steal your luck and it’ll have an impact on your finances next January and February so keep your eyes open for this luck usurper and steer clear. 


There’s a kindness star that’s guiding the Horse during the Year of the Pig. That kindness star reacts to your own kindness so the Horse is encouraged to give back to others. It will make the star even brighter as it lights your path. As the Horse gets brighter though, potentially attracting more money, it can also draw the negative kind of attention. And temptation. Horses must be careful to not be lured. It’s slippery out there, especially for winter-born Horses. Be very careful driving. 

1966 Horses will be busy at work. Remember to rest and find balance. 

1978 Horses could encounter professional competition. Take things step by step. Do not rush through your work. Male Horses born this year may have a hurdle to cross. Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries – don’t go all out but make sure you’re around people who love you. 

1990 Horses might have benefactors supporting them, adding to their shine. Be grateful to the ones who help you. 

All Horses, again, should be mindful of temptation. Do not let distractions affect your relationships. It could wash out your luck. September and next February are ideal times to get married. Horses born in fall and winter should watch what they eat. Feed your body with good things. 

In February and March you may have challenges in your friendships and other personal relationships. Be clear with your boundaries and stick to your decisions. 

In March and April, it’s a good time to party, celebrate. Be around festiveness. 

In August and December, if you are going abroad, you are advised to be vigilant about personal safety. Drive carefully, whether it’s at home or when you’re travelling. Rest more than you think you need. Reduce stress.  

Between December 7 and January 5 in particular, especially if you are a winter-born Horse, observe extra caution when you are travelling and, if possible, keep your home very, very clean. 

All Horses should see a doctor at the beginning of the year for routine checkups and bloodwork and don’t forget about that kindness star. When you help others, you help yourself. 


For the Snake during the Year of the Pig, everything is unpredictable. This might make you anxious and you’ll also be kept busy by the winged horse that wants to keep moving. So you may want to be open to changes, to shake up your luck. Change can redirect luck and it could mean a career move or a physical move or a major redirection in perspective. The point is – Snakes, especially Snakes born in the summer, should lean into their best asset: adaptability. 

It is recommended that Snakes stay healthy this year, mentally and physically. Exercise whenever you can. This is the priority. Because there are four dark stars that could mess with your thoughts, your clarity, and it could be difficult to make decisions, especially when it rains, since this is a water year and too much water will drown out your luck. Get out in the sun whenever you can. Watch for cuts and minor injuries. You may want to prepare for a dilemma. 

1953 Snakes must be really good to their bodies and their minds. Rest, meditate, relax, sleep. Reduce as much stress as you can. 

1977 Snakes will be non-stop during the Year of the Pig. SO busy, so much going on. You’ll want to do it all. But stay focused, do not be easily distracted. Make safety a priority or you may get hurt if you’re not paying attention. 

1989 Snakes should be extra careful driving. Put your head down and get to work, work out, stay fit. And when you encounter obstacles, don’t hide but rather share with others, talk through and vent your frustrations. Don’t try to conquer them alone. 

There could be romance and relationship changes for all Snakes this year. Try not to force things or make major commitments. Otherwise, you may risk temptation. 

In March and April, Snakes may feel lonely and low. Listen to your body and rest, even if it means missed opportunities. Don’t stress about not taking them. 

Through the second half of the year, August, September, and October especially, keep an eye on legal matters and contracts. If you get a speeding ticket, or are assessed a minor infraction, let it go. The small inconveniences may block the bigger ones. 

At the beginning of the year, see the doctor, get your bloodwork done, give back to others, and if you are spiritual, reconnect with your faith. Donations are a very good idea this year, especially before February 2020. All Snakes should be vigilant in the car. And be mindful of internal health – bladders, intestines, etc. 

For Snakes, this is a year to harvest, not a year to hit the accelerator. Sometimes it’s best to secure the foundation, to take the foot off the gas and conserve. Go time can’t happen every year and you can’t have go time without prep time. So even though this may not be the year to be aggressive, look at this year as a recharge so that you’ll be ready for full blast once your luck is on the rise. 


Dragons are all about the extremes – when they’re lucky, they’re luckier than any other sign; when they’re unlucky, they’re unluckier than any other sign. Last year the Dragon was on a low swing and was cautioned to conserve and harvest, banking for future reward. If the Dragon was responsible about its luck last year, well, this year is the payoff. Big payoff. The Dragon is the luckiest sign during the Year of the Pig. 

Two lucky stars oversee the Dragon this year which means financial stability and career improvements are possible. That said, arrogance can often push away good luck. Do not take things for granted. Do not lose focus of the details and the fine points. Be careful on legal matters, like contracts and other deals. Strengthen your foundation. The Dragon may be lucky but some things are out of their control. Be extra cautious of the weather, natural disaster warnings, and random acts of violence. 

1964 Dragons may experience smooth cash flow during the Year of the Pig – cash could be coming in from the front door and from the side door, perhaps a side hustle? 

 1976 Dragons who are entrepreneurs, run their own business, partners in their own business might see a boost in new business development. But don’t be greedy and keep things on the up and up. You don’t need to cut corners. 

1988 Dragons could have a very active, almost overwhelmingly busy social life this year. Take things step by step and don’t overschedule.  

For all Dragons, a wedding is a good idea during the Year of the Pig. Dragons marrying this year have a better chance at a long-lasting successful marriage. There’s also the potential of an unexpected pregnancy. 

Fall born Dragons should watch their internal health, paying close attention to bladder and intestines. 

In February and March, be cautious about safety and injury. 

In March and April, there could be friction with a business partner. Avoid drama. Don’t pursue conflicts. Rest and relax instead. Let things go because otherwise, the tensions will push the money away. 

In May and June, spend time meditating or reconnect with your faith, if you are religious. 

In August and through the fall months, be vigilant about negotiations and deals. Think carefully before you vouch for someone, either financially or on character. Seriously consider whether or not you want to be a guarantor if you are asked. Backing the wrong person or the wrong project could have terrible consequences. 

Between December 7 and January 5, 2020, go for a checkup at the doctor and get bloodwork. 


For Rabbits during the Year of the Pig, everything goes back to two words: chill out. Nothing can be forced this year. Work hard, speak less. It is very, very, very important that you seriously, seriously consider – or reconsider – lending money if asked this year. You may be asked for a loan, or you may be asked to vouch for someone, or cosign for someone, or bail them out – agreeing to any request that requires leveraging your reputation and/or assets and/or resources to back another might end up being calamitous. It may have terrible consequences. It could mess up your luck for 10 years. Please be very careful when presented with these kinds of asks. This will be hard. You may feel like you’re letting people down. But some things are beyond your control and taking responsibility for them when it’s not your responsibility to begin with will only hurt you in the end. Don’t compromise yourself. 

1951 Rabbits nearing retirement should watch their expenses and avoid lavish purchases.   

1963 Rabbits may be bothered by rumours – it’s that backstabbing star so keep your head down and hang back. 

1975 Rabbits may encounter quick cash earning possibilities but these could also turn into deficits just a as fast. Be judicious about where you invest your energy and your money. Protect your nose this year. Your luck is in your nose. 

1987 Rabbits may find that they’re extra creative during the Year of the Pig. New ideas will take you to fun places but avoid conflict and dirty competition. Female Rabbits born this year are encouraged to rest and relax as much as possible and remember, things that look good might not actually be that good.  

For all Rabbits, the Year of the Pig is a good year to have a baby. Female Rabbits should be mindful of their health in the spring. Male Rabbits must be careful driving the entire year. Watch your temper on the road. Do not explode over small issues, especially behind the wheel. Let it go. No drama in the car. Remember, CHILL OUT and stay calm and alert. Peacefulness in general is the key to the Rabbit’s year. 

Ease into the new year in February and March. Slow it all down, save the hustle for later. 

In March and April, again, be vigilant about health matters. Be extra careful about cuts and scrapes. There’s a surgery alert. 

In June and July, be cautious when you meet new people and don’t give away your trust too easily. 

In the fall, October, November, and December especially, again, think really, really seriously about lending people money, bailing them out financially, being a guarantor for someone. This is not the time. You do not have luck to spare. January 2020 is a good time to go the doctor for a checkup. 


It could be a generally positive outlook for the Tiger during this upcoming Year of the Pig. The Tiger is among the top 3 luckiest signs of the year but there are small frictions, possible dark clouds. People will be jealous of the Tiger. Luck always attracts envy. Tigers, however, are helped by horses. If you’re able to, carrying around a horse charm might help you. It will also help Tigers to go to the doctor at the start of the Lunar Year, get bloodwork done, and meditate or pray or spend time with your faith group and or give back to those less fortunate. 

1950 Tigers will be admired this year for their quick thinking.

1962 Tigers could enjoy good luck at work. What you put in in years past may start to pay off. 

1974 Tigers should enjoy new experiences, seek them out, as they are opportunities that you will benefit from. 

1986 Tigers may be overly ambitious this year. Only take on what you can take on. 

1998 Tigers should keep studying hard. You may find that you’ll get the recognition and the shine. 

Since the governing element this year is water, it will help Tigers born in the summer to cool off and maintain their energy. You’ll have lots of it. Tigers born in fall or winter may need to be mindful of their internal health like bladder and kidney, etc. 

All Tigers should be especially vigilant about health matters in February and March. April and May are ideal times for maintenance checkup blood tests. 


The Ox might consider changes this year, professional and or personal. It could be a move, it could be a career transition. Whatever you decide, always leave back doors. Make sure you don’t back yourself into a corner and try not to pick fights at work. But do things yourself as much as you can and don’t hand things off. Ox can be a stubborn, obstinate sign. Don’t let your determination blind you to other routes. The more routes, the more opportunity. 

1949 Ox should be mindful of expenses. Holidays might be tempting and it’s not that you shouldn’t go, just make sure that it’s in the budget. If possible, host friends and family on your birthday. 

1961 Ox could be helped by a benefactor with an income bonus. 

1973 Ox may want to hang back, lower the fires. Rumours might get you down so mental health is key. Take care of your mind and body. 

1985 Ox could enjoy the best luck of all Ox this year with extra money. (Look out for Chrissy Teigen.) Doesn’t mean you should stop working hard though.  

In February and March, there may be new opportunities at work for all Ox but carefully consider the options and don’t force it and step into something you really aren’t sure about. 

In March and April, prioritise your body, get regular checkups at the doctor, rest, and exercise if you can. The ox is known for labour, and can outwork most other signs, so looking after your health is the way you can protect and preserve your superpower to be ready for what’s to come. 

In May and June the work could get intense. You may be very, very busy. Make sure you’re prepared for that kind of schedule. 

In June and July, female Ox should be mindful of reproductive health. 

In July and August the Ox may be at risk for some financial loss. This is when the swindle alert could kick up so stay sharp.

In September and October rest as much as possible. Do not take your body for granted. 

In November, the Ox may want to revisit plans as many things could require a new outlook. Be flexible in your perspective so as not to miss what presents itself to you. 

In November and December, the busy pace will continue and during this constant grind, you must be able to clearly distinguish between friend and enemy. Don’t lose your temper.  

Once again, overall for the Ox, this is a year of steady toil and caution. 

There are no lucky stars or dark stars overseeing the Ox this year so you must rely on yourself. Be as healthy as possible and in particular, watch your internal health – intestines, bladder, etc. Spend as much time with family and friends as you can. They will fortify you. That said, all Ox are advised to pay close attention to their parents’ health. Check in with them often. Small home renovations might help the Ox block bad luck. Get ready to work. It will feel like a lot. But look at this way: you’re the one who gets to build what’s yours. 


Luck is not on the upswing for Rats during the Year of the Pig. Sometimes, during a year when luck is rising, it can feel like wins are gifts, almost free. Wins may not come easily for Rats this year. Everything will have to be earned. You will work for everything you get. The priority then is luck protection. 

The Year of the Pig is not the time for Rats to swagger and surge. Stay back in the pack for a while and observe. Think of it as information gathering or battery charging. The good news is that there is a lucky star that is looking out for Rats this year but if the Rat is too thirsty, there may be limits to how much the star can help. 

Rats may get sick often this year and experience dips in energy and confidence. There may also be backstabbers in your way. The exception to this could be those Rats who work in law or law enforcement. Overall though, Rats are advised to not be greedy or petty. Small things can become big things when luck is low. 

So don’t be upset if you, say, get a parking ticket, a speeding ticket, if your flight is delayed, if there are minor obstacles during the year. Sometimes those kinds of inconveniences can actually be substitutes for worse and, in a way, that’s luck working in your favour. 

1948 Rats should be extra cautious about their health during the Year of the Pig. Rest more, don’t over-extend, and give back to others if you can. 

1960 Rats should avoid friend drama and not become entangled in family and friend conflicts. If you are a male Rat born this year whose parents are no longer alive, you may want to consider celebrating your birthday with a big party. 

1972 Rats could be lucky this year in small, insignificant ways so be extra careful that those minor gains don’t compromise your vigilance. It is recommended that you protect your nose this year. Your nose holds your luck. Give thanks wherever you can, whether it’s through meditation, good deeds, or at your preferred place of worship. 

1984 Rats might want to remind themselves consistently to not let their egos make their decisions and to be satisfied, this year, to be part of the group and not have the spotlight. 

Romance may not be promising for Rats this year in general. Keep your feet on the ground. 

Rats born in the fall and winter are strongly advised to stay on top of their health, see the doctor when you need to. This is a water year. Water is heavy in those months and can put out the fire of luck. Wear red to keep warm and to boost the flames. 

In February and March, try not to rush, stay steady. Do not make hasty decisions. 

In March and April, rest as much as possible, don’t force anything. 

In May, you are at higher risk of being taken advantage of or stolen from. Do not trust easily. 

In June and July, take care of your mental health, be kind to your mind. 

In August and September, you may need endure rumours – try not to retaliate against those who are threatened by you. The time will come, later, for you to have your say. 

In October, luck may turn around, things could get smoother. 

A holiday in November and December is a good idea. Relax and be good to your body.  

All Rats are encouraged to let things go, take it easy, enjoy your happy moments, manage expectations. And if you are able to, exercise as much as you can. Luck appreciates a healthy host. It’s an attractive place for it to land. 

Please remember, luck isn’t always as bad as you think and it isn’t always as good as you think. No one is all luck all the time. Feng shui works in cycles and luck always rewards those who are responsible and respectful with their luck particularly when it’s low. Which is why low luck years are often seen as more important than high luck years. Because the way you harvest your luck during low luck years can exponentially increase your luck performance in its highest form. 


Feng Shui Tips When Buying a House

Over the years, I have seen many Chinese buyers book a showing and pass by the house without even stepping foot inside. If the house has bad feng shui outside, they wouldn't even bother seeing the home. What then, makes a home have good feng shui?

Location, Neighborhood and Plot Placement

In feng shui, the real estate notion of location takes a deeper meaning as it deals with the quality of energy entering your home. Be sure your house receives good energy from its surroundings — a clean street, good neighbors, etc. One major element of feng shui is ensuring the house is not situated at the end of a T-intersection. That is, the house does not directly face a road straight ahead as bad luck will swiftly enter through the home that way. 

Strong Front Door

The front door is very important in feng shui as this is how the house receives its chi or energy nourishment. Feng shui-wise, people start looking right away at the feng shui direction of the house to see if it fits one of the lucky feng shui directions for the family members. While this is always a good idea, do not forget to look at all the elements of a strong feng shui front door — its size and proportion in relation to the rest of the house as well as the pathway that leads to it. Sometimes you can change a bad feng shui pathway with easy landscaping and sometimes you just can't — be mindful of it.

Door Alignment

Unless you plan to renovate the house and change the positioning of the back door, it is wise to avoid a house with direct doors alignment. The same feng shui principle, but to a lesser degree, applies to all doors in the house. Mostly, it applies to the bad luck that comes from the alignment of the front door and back door (as sometimes this applies in apartments). As a feng shui rule of thumb, no direct door alignment is good as it creates a strong rush of Chi and thus a loss of good energy.


Main Entrance

Other poor feng shui elements at the main entrance include:

  • Facing a wall when you enter through the main floor
  • A staircase when you enter through the main floor
  • An upstairs bathroom right above the front door

Unless you plan a major renovation, these are all important factors to consider when looking for a good feng shui home.

Source: The Spruce


Chinese New Year - Preparing for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is coming up on Tuesday, February 5th.2019 is the Year of the Pig.

In anticipation of Chinese New Year, here are some tips on how you can prepare.


Beginning on January 28 2019, Chinese people carry out a thorough ‘winter-cleaning’ of their houses. This is called "sweeping away the dust", and represents a wish to put away old things, bid farewell to the old year, and welcome in the New Year.

New Year Shopping

Before New Year’s Eve, people buy New Year’s food and snacks, New Year’s decorations, and New Year’s clothes. Chinese New Year in China, like Christmas, is a boom time for shopping.

Chinese people may be thrifty most of the time, but they seem to spend generously during their traditional festivals. For example, they buy everyone new clothes for the festival, whether they need them or not. On the days leading up to the festival, there are many New Year’s street markets.

New Year's Eve  (Feb. 4, 2019)

Putting Up New Year Decorations

Although some people decorate their houses several days before the festival, most people do it on New Year's Eve. Houses are decorated with red lanterns and New Years paintings. 

Puting up those decorations are thought to keep evil away and pray for blessing, longevity, health, and peace. 2019 is the Year of the Pig, so pig images will appear on decorations. 

Offering Sacrifices to Ancestors

Offering sacrifices to ancestors shows respect. In addition, ancestral spirits are believed to protect their descendants and help them become prosperous.

Many worship on New Year's Eve, before the reunion dinner, to show that they are letting their ancestors "eat" first. Offerings of meat and wine are placed in front of the shrine/grave.

Enjoying a Reunion Dinner

Chinese try very hard to make this family event, often traveling long distances. 

Big families including several generations sit at round tables and enjoy the food and time together. Dishes with lucky meanings must be included in the dinner such as fish, dumplings, niangao (sticky rice cake),and spring rolls. 

Giving Red Envelopes (Lucky Money) to Kids

Parents usually give their children red envelopes after the reunion dinner, wishing them health, growth, and good studies in the coming year. Money in red envelopes is believed to bring good luck, as red is China's lucky color, so it's called lucky money.

Staying Up Late

In the past, Chinese people used to stay up all night, but now most stay up only until the midnight firecrackers and fireworks die down.

Chinese New Year's Day (Feb. 5, 2019)

Chinese people believe that what they do on the first day of the lunar year will affect their luck during that year.

Putting on New Clothes and Extending New Year Greetings

On the first day of New Year, Chinese people put on new clothes, and say "gongxi" (恭喜/gong-sshee/literally ‘respectful joy’, meaning ‘greetings’ or ‘best wishes’), wishing each other good luck and happiness in the New Year. It is customary for the younger generation to visit their elders, and wish them health and longevity.

Watching Lion and Dragon Dances

Lion and dragon dances are also seen on New Year's Day.

Visiting Family

Children often visit their family in the week following Chinese New Year, especially their elders to pay respect.


Speculation Tax - Declare Your Exemption Today!

All homeowners are required to fill out their declaration of exemption of the speculation tax by March 31, 2019. 

I just received mine in the mail today and did it online right away at - it's super easy!

You will need your SIN and codes from the letter when declaring your exemption online, so make sure you have your letter in hand when declaring it online.

If you have multiple homeowners on title of the property, each person needs to declare separately.

Let me know if you have any questions on how this affects you. 


Where Do I Move Next?

"Where Do I Move Next?"

It is a recurring question homeowners have been asking me for the past couple of weeks. They love their home, they love their neighbourhood, but there is always just one little thing they would change. More space is a common answer. Othertimes, they simply want to move out of their complex for a change of scenery. 

With the average residential housing prices expected to drop over the next year, now is your opportunity to move up.

Detached housing prices have been dropping steadily for a while now. When you factor in your monthly payments for the average townhouse in the Lower Mainland, including your mortgage payment, strata fees, and any special levies/assessments, you may find it worthwhile to invest in an older, detached house with your own dirt. Now here's a bonus - if you get a house with a secondary suite or the potential to be converted to a secondary suite to use as an additional mortgage helper, your tenants can contribute a hefty chunk to your mortgage payments (you can't get that with a townhouse!) 

Same goes for a condo - if you're looking for more space, now is your chance to move up into a townhome while prices for condos are still higher!

Call me for a complimentary market evaluation on your home so we can discuss your real estate goals. 


Just Sold!


2640 Venables Street, Vancouver

I have been wearing the biggest smile all week! I'm so happy to have helped find the most perfect, forever home for my clients Fran & Tim. After months of looking at mostly fixer uppers in East Vancouver and even branching into New West, this gem of a home came knocking. We went into multiple offers on Monday night and my buyers were able to secure the home that same night. While we were expecting to find something to fix up, this beauty came fully renovated in the neighbourhood they love - nothing to do but move in. And here is a first - we were even able to negotiate the kitty cat into the offer (update: all jokes aside, the cat won't be staying, they have enough dogs!). Nothing makes me happier than finding the perfect home for my clients.


Why I love Port Coquitlam ❤

Over the past week, I have been doorknocking on townhouses and bareland strata properties in Port Coquitlam. I have spoken to local residents, many of whom have lived here for decades. Others have lived here for a few years or have just moved in over the past year. Whether they just moved in last week or have been here longer than I have been alive, the underlying message was that they all love it here. 

I agree.

My family moved here from West Vancouver when I was a year old, so I can proudly say that I am a native of Port Coquitlam. I grew up in Citadel; I went to school at Castle Park Elementary (starting in grade 1 when it first opened) then Citadel Middle and eventually Riverside Secondary. I love my neighbourhood. I still live in Port Coquitlam. I live five minutes away from my parents and all my high school friends still live close by. 

Many of the features that I loved about Port Coquitlam growing up are the reasons why I decided to make it my home into my adult years. I love that I am a stone's throw from the parks and trails. I love to run, so it is so easy for me to get onto the Coquitlam River trail where I can train for my upcoming marathon later this year. 

When I am not working or going far, I try to walk as much as I can. The shops along the downtown stretch of Port Coquitlam are within 10 minutes of my home. There's Donald's Market and Safeway down the street, also Starbucks and Waves if I want to get some coffee. My favourite sushi place (Asahi Sushi) is down the street and so is Poco Chinese Restaurant. If I want to get my hair done, I go to In a Wink Boutique and the girls are fantastic there.

By summer 2021, the 205,000-square-foot Port Coquitlam Community Centre will include a leisure pool, three ice sheets, library, multi-use spaces, games room and lounge, café, gym, fitness centre, outdoor plaza and more. 

Jade's Faves in Port Coquitlam (best of all, they are all so close!)

Fave Restaurant: Izba Bistro 

Fave Chinese: Poco Chinese Restaurant

Fave Dim Sum: Eastern Pearl Seafood Restaurant

Fave Thai: Tip Thai

Fave Sushi: Asahi Sushi

Fave Pizza: San Remo Pizza

Fave Bar: The Cat & Fiddle (especially on Wednesday Wing Night!) 

Fave Breakfast: The Big Flat Pancake

Fave Bakery: European Bakery

Fave Spa: In A Wink Boutique

Fave Gym: Gold's Gym

Fave Shop to Browse: Art Knapp

Fave Home Repair Store: Home Depot 

Fave Coffee Shop: Tim Hortons

Fave Bank: TD Canada Trust

Fave Auto Repair Shop: Kirmac Collision & Autoglass

Fave Grocery Store: Donald's Market... or Costco 


Recap: 2018 Real Estate Market

While most of us are pretty giddy with anticipation on the new and exciting possibilities that 2019 may bring us, let me take a quick moment to recap on the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Market in 2018. 

According to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, sales in 2018 had dropped just over 30% since the previous year. It had been the slowest year according to number of sales since 2000, with 24,619 sales of detached and attached properties listed on the Multiple Listing Service, compared to 35,993 sales in 2017. There were 53,614 homes listed in 2018. 

High home prices, rising interest rates, new mortgage requirements and changes to taxes all contributed to this changing market, which has shifted into a buyers' market away from a sellers' market from the previous few years.

The average sale price across detached and attached properties had increased by 2% in 2018. In 2018, the price of detached homes dropped 7.8%. Townhomes increased 1.3% on a one-year average, but dropped 5.3% in the last six months since June. Condo prices also went up by 0.6% but dropped 6.4% in the last six months. In 2019, the average sale price is expected to decline by an average of 3% across Greater Vancouver. 

There have been many new construction projects in recent years, with many projects completing soon providing more housing options for homebuyers. With a changing market in Greater Vancouver, it is a great time to invest in property - give me a call to view listings in your area! 

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